Cam Awesome's 'keep it real' attitude resonates well with students. Cam is old enough garner the respect of students, but young enough to relate to students on their level. As an experienced standup comic, Cam uses humor to share his relevant message. "If they are laughing, they are listening" is Cam's motto. Cam's talks are very interactive to ensure students remain engaged during his talks.

Cam is currently offering 4 different presentations:


Its amazing how students can quickly identify and choose the worst way to handle a stressful situation. This isn’t their fault and Cam knows that. Cam struggled quite a bit academically as a student due to the lack of the 5 core parts of SEL.


As a person struggling with these issues as a youth, Cam can relate to student’s in a way which only a few can. As an experienced standup comic, Cam uses humor to break through to students. Cam uses himself as the main example to ensure students don’t feel attacked and become defensive as he discusses Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making in detail. Cam uses real examples and stories from his own life structured in a joke-storytelling format so students understand 

Students will learn:

- Easy and effect strategies for dealing with stress

- How to consciously express empathy

- How to become more socially aware

- How to identify when you’ve become too stressed to be effective 

- Ways to communicate to peers when a break is needed

- How to make their own right choices

- When to remove yourself from a situation

- To consciously develop impulse control

- How to deal with conflict management 

- How to openly express other emotions than anger


Today’s generation has a resource that no other generation has had access to- social media. It would be ludicrous to expect a student to not have access to the internet as it is a part of their every day life. From networking with friends to applying for college, students need to constantly utilize the internet and social media. 

Its difficult for students to fathom the long term impact that a digital footprint could have on their future. Cam uses emplanes from his own life and the lives of pop-culture celebrities to show students the potential negative impact of a digital footprint. Cam teaches students how to utilize social media and technology as an educational tool to help their future instead of using it as a distraction. In this presentation Cam 

Students will leave with a better understanding of:

- “Clout” and the baggage that comes with it

- How to handle a potential “viral” situation

- How nothing really is “deleted” from the internet

- How to use social media to start a career path before college

- Exercises to minimize excessive use of electronics 

- The potential long term negative effect a footprint

- The long term POSITIVE effect a digital footprint

- How to deal with cyber-bullying


Cam discusses verbal, physical, cyber, and exclusionary bullying in his own unique way – humor.

Cam shares his own experience with bullies in school and explains ways of coping with bullying, how to identify peer-pressure, and brings awareness to the most common form of bullying, unconscious bullying. “Roasting” is one of the most common kinds of unconscious bullying and is not typically recognized as bullying.

Every generation has dealt with bullying, but teens today are dealing with what no other generation has had to deal with, cyber-bullying. His discussions on how to deal with online trolls and the long term consequences this kind of harrassment leaves on a young person. He openly discusses suicide prevention, brings light to depression, and urges students to be an “annoying friend” if they spot signs of depression or potential suicidal thoughts from peers. Cam informs students how to become more sensitive when communicating with peers and strangers online.









As a student that has dealt with his fair share of bullying, Cam struggled with confidence. His lack of confidence resulted in disbelief in himself which resulted in setting small goals. After setting his mind to boxing fitness to lose weight in his senior year of high school, Cam quickly learned that a person’s ability is directed tied to the effort they are willing to invest. Cam amended the famous “You can be anything you want to be.” quote to “You can be anything you want to be…as long as you’re willing to work harder than others wanting to be the same thing.”


In Cam’s strong message of resilience towards career goals, he discusses hardships, sacrifice, and failures. He stresses to students that the decisions they make today will ultimately effect the rest of their lives. Cam gives numerous examples of what he calls “Perspective of Failure” and breaks down why it’s important to set the most ambitious goals possible. Cam discusses his three keys to success: Confidence, Focus, Resilience.

- Building a reputation 

- Different career paths 

- How to reinterpret failure and use it as motivation 

- How to set goals and monitor progress 

- The definition of “hard work”

· How to effectively prioritize life tasks

· Building mental strength and resilience

- The benefits of a drug-free lifestyle

· The importance of personal accountability

· Why to choose a passion over a paycheck

LIVE Q&A: Cam understands how drawn teens are to their phones. Cam has realized how reluctant students are to raise their hand and voice their dreams in front of their peers. To alleviate this issue, Cam has students ask questions via social media and email. He then records a personalize YouTube video in a series called "Ask Awesome" answering all questions in detail. This is a great way Cam keeps students engaged and leaves an open dialogue on the topics he has covered after he leaves.

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