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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Many of you know that I’ve made the transition from boxing to public speaking. I have spoken to over 100 schools in the last couple of years. I originally became involved with boxing to lose weight and with the hope that the bullying I endured would subside once I gained confidence.

I’m very open about discussing my past, my faults, and the lessons I’ve learned from boxing. Most lessons I’ve learned from boxing are the ones that have allowed me to excel in life outside of the ring.

This is where my two passions, boxing and speaking, cross paths.

Boxing has instilled confidence and personal accountability in me. I’m forever grateful for boxing’s lessons. For the last couple of years I have been speaking at school assemblies about the lessons that boxing has taught me and how those translate into lessons outside of the ring when it comes to chasing a dream or dedicating yourself to a career.

I have developed a program called “Awesome Tours” and will be partnering with USA Boxing to begin traveling to areas where membership numbers are low. I will visit schools in those areas to promote the benefits of boxing/boxing fitness, then refer students to USA Boxing gyms in their area. There are so many free, recreational boxing gyms in low-income areas that are underutilized, and I intend to change that.

Boxing has taught me the harsh realities of the world. Boxing has taught me the discipline to appreciate and strive for delayed gratification. Boxing didn’t teach me how to be a speaker, or a comedian or about diet and exercise. It taught me the consequences of slacking off.

A misconception of boxing is that you must punch people or be punched to attend boxing gyms. A number of USA Boxing’s members are non-contact boxers that are there for fitness. When I was in high school the only free gym in my area was a boxing gym, so I joined with no intentions of sparring or competing. And just as I have, I believe that many students can benefit from simply working out.

At these schools I will address issues I suffered, and share boxing’s solutions to those problem. I touch on topics such a anti-bullying, drug-free living, healthy and active lifestyles, how to use social media as an educational tool and not a distraction, personal accountability, the drive it takes to chase a dream and the resilience required to achieve it.

Even if these students decide to never step foot in the gym, I know they will take something away from my talk that could benefit them in the future, because boxing is the greatest metaphor for life.

Let’s prepare our youth for life using life’s greatest metaphor.

If you are interested in having me visit your area, please reach out to Booking@CelebritySportsSpeaker.com.

Cam F Awesome