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Social Media Etiquette

Social Etiquette

Anytime I’m hanging out with someone and I happen to be on my phone, they complain. I often hear, “Why can’t you be social?” Uhh…I’m tweeting to my 20.6 thousand followers. I’m being more social than anyone else in the room!

I am building a community online through authentic posts and engagement; it has taken years and countless hours to build my following. Being featured on Netflix didn’t hurt too much, either.

Through my obsession with social media, I have learned some social media etiquette that I believe we should all follow. If you can think of anything I missed, please comment.

Here are my 5 social media etiquette rules:

RULE #1: Don’t ask someone to share something

I am constantly being told to get off social media because it’s pointless, but the same people that tell me that will also ask me to share something on the platform I’ve spent countless hours building.

The people that follow me do so because I am me. Whether these people agree with me or not, they appreciate that my thoughts are genuine. Once my profile starts to seem like a commercial for other products and surveys, my worth starts declining

This isn’t a diss to anyone in particular. We are in a new age, and many people don’t think twice when requesting that a friend share their post.

If I see something I value, that I care to share with those that allow me on their timeline, I’ll do it.

Don’t mistake this as me thinking that all my posts are insightful and valuable. I post daily about Chipolte and fabricated bear death statistics.

Under this rule, I’ll include tagging myself in something that I have no involvement with in order to have more people see your post.


Don’t post countless videos of concerts, fireworks, or the eclipse in 7 years. Well…you can post them, but don’t continue sending them directly to a person.

I am guilty of this next one. Posting a snap on your story and also sending it directly to a person. The boo-thang, Shannon Oleen called me out on this when I first got on Snapchat. I wasn’t offended, I was enlightened. (I’m going to tweet that).

Also, when responding to a snap, answer in question form. Not everyone can remember every conversation.


Buying followers on social media is similar to spending money at a strip club. You may feel cool, but neither contributes anything positive to your life.

This is more of a personal pet peeve than a question of etiquette.


Trolling is one of the most annoying things that the internet has produced. I really dislike when people feel the need to make an anonymous account in order to share their hateful opinions.

I personally find myself wanting to respond to these people, but I know they are doing it to get a rise out of me. I always write my response and save it in draft form until I cool down. Then I return to it, read it over, and remember I value my reputation.

I have a friend (that shall not be named) that would constantly respond condescendingly to my tweets. It was as if she found joy in disagreeing with everything I posted.

After turning the cheek a few times, I responded, giving her the attention that she relentlessly reached for. She messaged me, asking if I would delete the tweets, because it painted her in a light that she didn’t, like to such a large group.

So, the moral of this story, is to not enter into a thread you aren’t willing to stand by.

And in most instances, if you have an anonymous account you’re a coward. If you are afraid to share your opinion because you think your boss or family would think you are a terrible person, then how about you bottle it up…or maybe, be a better person. This, of course, doesn’t apply to those who are risking their lives for their beliefs or are posting funny things.


It’s a weird exchange when you ask someone to follow you back. I follow accounts that deliver quality content. There are free accounts that I follow, but disagree with most of their posts.

I follow these people because I see value in hearing opposing opinions. I’ve grown because of social media. Many of these people I’ve had as guests on my podcast.

I wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone thought just like me. I have had my perspective changed on many political topics leading me to see a different view.

So if you want followers that much, be interesting or ungodly attractive.


Gentlemen, do not just slide into a female’s DM’s. Respect these ladies and show some tact. If she's interested, you'll know.