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"Mission: AU79" - A financial resource for Athletes, Coaches, Artists, and Creators

Athletes, Coaches, Artists, and Creators,

There is nothing more romantic than chasing a love. There are millions of athletes, coaches, artists, and creators out there chasing dreams. The mere attempt of chasing a dream is admirable. I myself have been dubbed a “dream chaser”. It takes courage, resilience, resourcefulness, and a dab of crazy to chase a dream.

Other than a short stint at Waffle House, I’ve never held a conventional job. How do I pull it off? Courage, resilience, resourcefulness, and a lot of crazy. Being that I’ve kept a roof (sometimes it’s the roof of a van) over my head, I can confidently speak as an expert on dream chasing.

As a boxer on the USA National Team, I only received $1000/mo stipend to live on. I couldn’t hold a job while traveling 300+ days a year so I had to get creative. It led to me starting a professional speaking company. To be honest, I looked into the online ads of so-called Gurus that can teach anyone how to have packed schedules with high paying speaking engagements. It only took a quick google search to show that these Gurus never had packed schedules with high paying speaking engagements.

I decided to do whatever it took to learn the ins and outs of the speaking business. This allowed me to operate in a very specific way to get the results that I did. If you need proof of the 300+ paid speaking engagements I’ve secured in the last two years, one would only have to search the hashtag #AwesomeTalks. My reputation precedes me.

In 2018, my first full calendar year of speaking, I qualified for the National Speakers Association by grossing $25,000 from speaking engagements in a year. In my second year of speaking I secured a 6-figure income for the first time in my life. This was all through public speaking.

Being disgusted with the resources out there taking advantage of aspiring speakers, I decided to create a reasonably priced resource for dream chasers like myself to supplement their income on their own schedules to allow them to continue chasing their dreams.

The resource I created is “Mission: AU79”, a 12 ‘Round’ course. Each ‘Round’ is in easily digestible sections. The course can be completed at your own pace and you will have permanent access to the course.

Round 1 - Intro

Round 2 - The W Workbook

Round 3 - Creating Content

Round 4 - Building an Online Presence

Round 5 - Speech Writing

Round 6 - Visuals

Round 7 - Perform, Don’t Recite

Round 8 - Looking the Part

Round 9 - Technology

Round 10 - Closing the Deal

Round 11 - Leveraging your Sport

Round 12 - Speaking Tips (overview)

Can you follow these steps to make a 6-figure income? Yes. But that isn’t what the course is designed for. The course is intended to help dream chasers continue their journey, not alter their career paths. This is also a solid career path for after sports.

The course will be available May 17th. Pre-order the course before May 17th and get 10% off using the promo code “Early” at checkout. 

Visit the website for more information on how you can leverage your story in a meaningful way to build a successful speaking business.


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