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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

After being suspended from boxing for an entire year and sitting at home with no skills or talents, I decided to pursue boxing once more. I understood that I couldn't just box, I need to be more than a one dimensional person. I decided to set goals for myself and hold myself accountable to them. 

Every year, as a society, we make and set goals on the 1st of January. A tradition started by the Babylonians, the good ole New Years Resolution. We promise to make ourselves better, we promise to eat healthy. Promises that we will likely not follow through on. If you waited all year for Jan 1st to become a better person, you will likely fail. Self improvement isn't something you do because of a fad. University of Scranton found that only 8% of people keep their New Years Resolution promises of self improvement.

Self improvement is like planting seeds on acres of land. At the end of the day, you are exhausted, beaten, dirty but you know it was worth it. As you take a look back after a long day, you see nothing but unearthed soil because the seeds you planted will take time to grow. Many people will discontinue working on that field after day one due to a lack of visual progress.

There is no instant return in investment when working on yourself. Many people question themselves to if it's worth the work. I will never understand how people could be okay with not working on themselves. People much rather bust their asses for a company that they have no stock in for a unreliable-reliable paycheck. I don't look down on them because it's my pride that won't allow me to settle for a job with stability. 

Believe that you are capable of anything, even if you aren't. Then what you're actually capable of doing is no longer relevant.

So the reason I cannot work for a corporation is because I value the investment in myself more than the security of a consistent pay check. I have worked on myself in many areas of my life. Many of these areas will one day lead to a paycheck.

I am currently building a strong online following by engaging with strangers, fans and haters on social media. I have been blogging and vlogging as well. I have been working on my comedy set. Incorporating clean jokes for corporate gigs. I have been working on keynotes for my speaking career. I am even speaking to a small group of Girl Scouts because I refuse to turn down any opportunity for practice my craft.

My biggest and most lucrative seed at the moment is boxing. The reason I won't plant this seed is because professional boxing will be such a commitment of time and energy that I will not be able to water any of the other seeds I've planted. 

It would be helpful if instead of a New Years Resolution we unbiasedly assessed our seeds we have planted in the last year. Cut our losses for seeds that require too much time and root them out. Put more time, love and energy into the plants that have more promising fruit.

The truth is, you don't start over fresh with the new year, you carry what you've had with you. Where ever you go, you take you with you. Work on you. Make yourself better. Be a person you don’t want to leave in the previous calendar year.

Jan 1st should be more about what you continue to do, not what you plan on doing. 

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