Event Emcee & Stand Comic

Check out this short comedy clip!

 Cam isn't know for just know for his punches, he is also know for his punchlines! As a stand up comic, Cam has performed in comedy gigs and in a corporate setting all around the country. Cam’s clean humor with a jaded perspective of life and current events, is sure to keep the crowd rolling. Schedule Cam to perform at holiday parties, light-hearted, funny opening keynotes, comedy shows, personal parties, and more!  As an experienced stand up comedian, emceeing event is natural for Cam. Cam has emcee’d tons of charity events, gals, festivals, and parties. With his charm and humor, he is sure to keep the crowd alive and laughing with announcing live auctions, introducing bands, raffle tickets & much more.


As an emcee, Cam brings his wide range of comedic talents to every event and is able to adjust the show to meet and exceed expectations. Cam will:

  • Arrival well before an event and stay after as required

  • Technical rehearsals

  • Re-confirmation of all arrangements with organizer

  • Attention to detail with time-keeping

  • Exceed all expectations