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A necessary life skill

Cam F Awesome is a sought after professional speaker and one of the most decorated boxers in US history holding multiple Olympic Trials titles as well as multiple National Championship titles. Growing up in a very segregated neighborhood Cam has very limited interactions than those different than him, but as leader and Captain of the USA National boxing team for the better part of a decade, Mr. Awesome had the opportunity to represent the United States in international competition in over 30 countries. During his travels is where Awesome developed a passion for experiencing and interaction with different cultures around the world.



Cam will provide a common framework and understanding of what is meant by cultural competence and the work we need to do to grow in our ability to effectively engage across cultures. Cam understands that cultural competence is a necessary life skill lacked by the many who have fallen victim to the lack of diversity in their inner circles.

  • Build confidence through communication

  • Increased awareness of how culture impacts your daily interactions Better prepared for the global economy

  • Develop a common language and understanding for what is meant by cultural competence

  • Learn norms for engaging in courageous conversations




Cam will provide audiences with a lesson perspective. Even with the best intentions at heart it’s easy to say the wrong thing. Good intentions coupled with ignorance can be unknowingly devastating to those around us. Cam discuss how how well-intended words or actions can come off as disrespectful or even harassment.


  • Popular and unpopular culture norms

  • Becoming conscious of the cultures around you

  • How to communicate as an ally

  • Ways to acknowledge difference without offending


Cam will provide a common framework and understanding of diversity. People who learn about different cultures through education feel more comfortable and safe with these differences. This allows audiences to interact in a wider range of social groups and feel more confident in themselves as well as in their interactions with others. 

  • An understanding of diversity & inclusion

  • An understanding of why celebrating differences will empower peers to feel included,

  • welcome & supported

  • Promote empathy & reduce prejudice

  • Bring open-mindedness and new perspectives

  • Learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds 



Cam will provide audiences with an understanding of implicit bias and how it effects their daily interaction. Being conscious of implicit bias helps foster a more inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and helps to reduce unconscious discrimination based on differences. 

  • Develop an understanding of their own personal biases

  • Learn what micro-aggressions are, how they occur in our everyday lives, and how to counteract micro-aggressions

  • Explore ways to counteract micro-aggressions on an individual and society level 





  • Demonstrate openness to new perspectives and diverse others

  • Reassess one’s own personal perspective when appropriate, a process that frequently requires courage and/or humility

  • Listen while withholding judgement about the new or unfamiliar



  • Seek points of connection and interact substantively with those who are different from oneself

  • Demonstrate communication skills that enable intercultural communication, including effective listening skills

  • Interact respectfully and appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts



  • Describe various elements inherent to one’s own culture and to other cultures: history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, beliefs, practices, etc.

  • Recognize and critically reflect upon one’s own cultural biases

  • In appropriate situations, consider that some of the norms and practices one espouses and treats as “universal” might actually be culturally dependent

  • Interrogate structures of power and institutions from the standpoint of cultural inheritance





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