Cam Awesome is a well known youth-speaker and personality. He is an Emmy Nominated, 6 time USA National Champion, 4 time Golden Gloves National Champion, 2 Time Olympic Trails Champion Heavyweight boxer, and former Captain of the USA National boxing team. Cam Awesome is also a proud Member of the National Speakers Association.

Cam is originally from Long Island, NY. At 18, Cam moved to Florida and at the age of 20 Cam moved to Kansas City. Cam didn’t start boxing until he was a senior in high school. He was an overweight young man with little confidence. In his journey to success he has understood his bad habits and become conscious of them. Cam has developed simple but effective techniques to becoming a champion in and outside of the ring.

Although Cam is most known for his failures, he has twisted the perspective of failures and used them as stepping stones towards success. His career as a boxer has given him insight to the mind-state it takes to become successful. The resilience Cam has shown throughout his career was due to his consistency, perseverance, and hard work.


Cam shares these lessons he has learned from boxing with students across the country using humor and interactive activities.

Cam has been featured in several print and internet publications and digital media outlets, including: ESPN, Sports Nation, ESPN’s Highly Questionable, Washington Post, Yahoo! Sports,Team USA, Bleacher Report, Rolling Stone, SB Nation, Kansas City Star, SI.com, ESPN Radio, Fox4KC, Mashable.com, Boxing News Online, The Sweet Science, news.com, Viva La Vegan, National Post, among many others.


Links to Media


CounterPunch! Documentary


Yahoo Sports: "How a Joe Rogan rant inspired an Olympic boxing hopeful to make one last run at the Games"


Destination: Team USA Documentary 

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Special guest on SPORTS NATION

🥊Championships 🥊 

2008 US Men's National Champ

2008 09 Golden Gloves National Champ

2009 PAL National Champ

2009 Ringside Worlds Champ

2010 US Men's National Champ

2010 PAL National Champ

2010 Ringside Worlds Champ

2011 Golden Gloves National Champ

2011 Ringside Worlds Champ

2011 PAL National Champ

2012 Olympic Trials Champ

2013 US Men's National Champ

2013 Ringside Worlds Champ

2013 Golden Gloves National Champ

2014 US Men's National Champ

2014 Ringside Worlds Champ

2015 Ringside Worlds Champ

2016 US Men's National Champ

2016 Olympic Trials Champ

2017 Ringside Worlds Champ

2017 Golden Gloves National Champ


Sports Illustrated: "10 potential first-time U.S. Olympians to watch ahead of Rio 2016"

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FORBES: Boxing, Veganism, And The Key To Never Giving Up

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Rolling Stones: Awesome, the 'Taylor Swift of Boxing'




Cam F Awesome is an inspiring speaker. He is captivating, relevant, and can easily keep the attention of a crowd. Cam lives up to his last name. His message to students include anti-bullying, drug-free lifestyles, how to use technology as an educational tool, instead of a distraction, and more.



Cam wit on a stage is as fast as his hands are in a ring. Cam's observational humor will have crowds laughing and walking out thinking. He also performs clean comedy sets. Cam has performed at clubs such as Funny Bone, Laugh Factory, Hyenas, and more.



Cam has emcee'd tons of charity event, festivals, award shows, and galas. With his charm and humor, he is sure to keep the crowd alive. Whether he is announcing live actions, introducing band, or filling time with humor, Cam is always high energy.


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